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Things You should Know about Greece


The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning tourism in Greece is a large number of international airports deployed in it and compared to other European countries! This is due to a large number of tourists entering the country throughout the year, which reached a peak in July 2018, with the number of tourists who entered Greece amounted to 3,826,994.

These figures are not surprising given the history of Greece, its ancient civilization, its architectural style, which we rarely find in other countries, the charming Greek nature of its mountainous regions, its islands and its narrow coastal plains, and the beautiful Mediterranean climate that makes the winter milder with rainfall, While the summer is warm but pleasant thanks to the monsoon.

We cannot talk about Greece without mentioning its strategic location that marks the crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa, plus it has more than 2000 islands and one of the most popular islands in Greece is Crete; in past Greece had 1500 small countries that all had their own regulations.

The People of Greece

The number of Greece population is 11,130,546 in 2018; it is noteworthy that Greece is one of the countries that have been inhabited continuously for 7000 years! The people of Greece are distinguished from other European peoples by the strength of family ties. Grandparents can live with one's children in one house for life. The percentage of those who are literate is very high and has exceeded 95%! In addition, education is free and compulsory from the age of 6 to 15 years old.

The Greek people are the healthiest among the rest of the world in terms of their natural health food such as olive oil and garlic. The World Health Organization has classified the health care system in Greece as one of the best systems in the world, and the cost of health care is the lowest among the EU countries!

Economy of Greece

Economically, Greece has made significant progress in restoring its macroeconomic stability and implementing the much-needed initial financial adjustments after it leaves the recent economic adjustment program in 2018. The Government is subject to considerable political constraints and is facing a huge level of public government debt and is expected to stabilize Economic activity is widespread this year, with the index of economic freedom for 2019 reaching 57.5 points! an overall increase of 0.4 points with a strong improvement in financial freedom and financial health, which reflected the order of its economic freedom globally and reached the status of 106.

Greece Passport

With all the economic crises experienced by Greece, the Greek passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world! It ranked the seventh most powerful passport in the world as the holder of Greece passport can enjoy a visa-free for 184 international destinations!

As for how to issue a Greek passport, access to it is subject to certain conditions and laws. You can apply for a Greek passport 7 years after the issuance of the golden visa, which requires real estate investment in Greece and residence.

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