An Introduction about Malta’s Individual Investor Program

An Introduction about Malta’s Individual Investor Program


Malta is a group of Islands located in the Middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the largest of which is Malta, its strategic location at the heart of the Mediterranean has attracted many visitors and has made Malta one of the most favorite destinations for investors from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. 

Malta is a country that is famous for its Mediterranean climate, friendly people, rich heritage, stability and low crime rates, Malta’s economy is built on a solid infrastructure of telecommunication and banking sectors, and is considered as one of Europe’s fastest growing economies with a well-developed legal system and the availability of the highly skilled workforce.

Benefits of the Program

If you are looking to hold a citizenship of a country which can offer you many social and economic future benefits, a country that is has one of the strongest and most stable economies in the European Union, a country which has continuously introduced tax cuts on its citizens for the past 5 years, and a country which is consistently ranked among the best relocation destinations among the world, Malta is your answer. 

History of the Program

The Maltese government has introduced one of the most exclusive Citizenship by Investment Programs in the world, which is called the “Individual Investor Program”, the year 2014, with the aim of attracting foreign direct investment into the country, and to support the governmental social projects, this program is one of the most successful and efficiently built citizenship by investment programs in the world, it is the first program of its kind to be recognized by the European commission, the executive body of the European Union. 

The Government of Malta has introduced the legislative framework of this program within its Citizenship Act and has published the regulations of the program in the year 2014 which insured the efficiency and the commitment of the government to the highest of standards, the governmental authority responsible for this program is the Individual Investor Program Agency, and as of 2019 Malta’s program has received more than 1,000 passport applications from investors.

Investment requirements

Malta’s Individual Investor Program requires applicants to make a significant non-refundable contribution to the National and Social fund which aims to finance governmental projects in the areas of public health, social improvement and education, it also requires applicants to purchase or rent an immovable real estate property in the country, and make an investment in government approved financial instruments (bonds, stocks etc.) and in exchange of these investments applicants will receive the certificate of naturalization which will enable them to apply for the Maltese citizenship and passport.

Stages and processing time

Malta’s Citizenship by Investment program has an overall average processing time of 9-12 months, it starts with the submission of the applications and ends with the issuance of the certificate of naturalization, with the due diligence process taking the most crucial part under this entire process.


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