An overview about Greece Golden Visa Program

An overview about Greece Golden Visa Program


Greece is a country located near the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Its territory includes more than 2 000 islands which are located across the Aegean and Ionian seas, it is considered the cradle and the birthplace of European civilization, democracy, and many other scientific advancements and developments that we are currently see today. There are many monuments that represent the historical and cultural heritage of the Greece that are included in the World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO, these monuments include some of the most important historical periods of Greece. 

Greece is known for being the economic hub of Southeast Europe, currently the country is emerging and recovering from the global economic crisis, by offering business people and investors a range of various investment opportunities that are based on the importance of the country’s strategic location. Greece is considered as an economic gateway to Eastern European and the Eastern Mediterranean consumer markets where there’s a huge demand for consumer goods and services. 

With more than 16,000 kilometers of coastline and more than 6,000 Islands, Greece has established itself as a prime global tourism destination, its rich cultural heritage, combined its natural beauty and geographical destination have been major reasons of why do investors invest in the Tourism industry in the country. 

The sensational economic growth that the Greek government has accomplished throughout the past years has made many investors start to consider Greece as a top destination for them and their families. 

The Program 

As part of the Greek government policies and efforts for developing the economy, the country has introduced legal provisions in 2014, that facilitate the stay of third-country investors whose investments are characterized as strategic investments, through allowing the grant of the country’s residence permit to these nationals and their family members who invest and purchase a real estate property in Greece with a minimum amount of 250,000 EUR, which will entitle them to a residence permit of a 5 years validity, which can be renewed through maintaining the property.