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How to Get a European Passport


Several countries mired in slow growth, and unemployment , more people than ever are consider emigration and are seeking to settle a in better country, either to find employment opportunities or a better quality of life, ease of access to free education and advanced health care, and to ensure a better future for individuals and their families. In order to do so, you have to acquire second citizenship.

These countries open new opportunities for qualified individuals to obtain citizenship through citizenship by investment programs so that they would have a better economy when obtaining the expertise and investors who are interested to live and work in those countries.

The European passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world, where European citizens grant various facilities and privileges in terms of freedom of entry to numerous countries in the world without a visa, and to obtain all the privileges that are enjoyed by citizens and people inside and outside Europe. The conditions and procedures differ from obtaining residence and nationality from one country to another and some of these countries are:

  • Malta: Malta passport allows you to enter 183 countries, if you are interested in obtaining Malta’s citizenship, or a permanent residency, you can do that through the citizenship by investment program in Malta, these programs varies from one another, as the citizenship by investment program consists of several options, including the Financial Contribution Program (National Fund for Social Development) by investing in €650,000 Euro for the government, or investing through the government bonds of at least €150,000. As for permanent residence program it also consists of three different options that include financial contribution with a cost of €30,000, or through real estate investment which is purchasing a property by at least €320,000 and the third option is through the government bonds that cost €250,000.


  • Cyprus: You can obtain Cypriot citizenship through two types of programs, the citizenship by investment and through the permanent residency. The citizenship by investment program covers two options; the first option is investing in a real estate that value not less than €2 million, or by investing in commercial properties that cost €2.5 million. As for the permanent residency program, it is through the real estate investment that cost €300,000. The Cypriot passport allows you to enter 173 destinations around the world.


  • Greece: The investor can obtain Greek citizenship, which entitles the holder to enter 183 destinations through the real estate investment program in Greece and this can be attained by investing in a property or group of real estate in Greece (apartment, house, land, shop) that cost not less than €250,000, through which the investor gets permanent residence and 5 years without the need to stay in Greece and then the investor gets the Greek nationality.


  • Portugal: Portugal offers the opportunity for individuals who are interested in living in it to acquire their nationality through the Golden Visa Program by investing property with a value of €500,000 thousand euros or investing in a property that is built to 30 years for reconstruction at a value of not less than €350,000, where An investor can obtain Portuguese citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence. The Portuguese passport allows people to enter 186 destinations around the world.


  • Spain: Spanish nationality can be obtained through the Golden Visa Program, which allows the investor to apply to immigrate to Spain through real estate investment. This is to buy or to own a property for at least €500,000. Real estate is an essential part of the state economy. You can obtain Spanish citizenship by obtaining a temporary residency for five years. The Spanish passport will allow you to enter 187 destinations.


  • Moldova: The investment program in Moldova was launched in 2018 for foreign investors who seek second citizenship by investment through the financial contribution to develop the governmental project, by investing in €100,000, and citizenship will be obtained within a period of 3 months. The Moldavian passport allows you to enter 122 destinations around the world.