Investment and Taxation in the UK

Investment and Taxation in the UK


The United Kingdom is wildly considered as an efficient international business hub and one of the leading business locations in Europe and the world, One of the strongest aspects of the UK market is its diversity and richness as it includes many modern industries such as ICT, Financial Services, Business, Aerospace, Automotive Engineering sectors.

It has a lucrative market is characterized by its easy access to a huge population (more than 65 million) of customers and suppliers in UK and can be considered one of the sustainable and easy routes to Europe.

The UK Government is committed to create the most competitive tax system in the G20 group, and to consistently encourage the investment climate of the country to keep it among the best places in Europe and the world to attract the foreign direct investments, the UK’s is still consistently between the top recipients for foreign direct investment across all European countries. 

The legislative and political system in the UK is keeping up with the government’s commitment to protect and encourage the business environment in the country, as the government is continuously developing the infrastructure through the building and improving the communication and transportation sectors.

The UK is considered an easier place to start a business than many other European countries, as you can register your company in less than 24 hours with the assistance of available business banking services, also the flexibility of labor regulations has resulted in the country having one of Europe’s largest flexible workforces, with a wide range of foreign language skills accompanied by English, the global business language. 

The personal taxation rates in the UK is progressive, meaning the higher you earn the higher you pay in taxes, and the government has introduced many tax credits and incentives which are commonly industry-based, such as :

  • The Research and Development tax credit incentives where small and medium sized enterprises are entitled to tax credits and incentives on their Research and Development expenditures, 
  • The Patent Box tax incentive which was introduced in 2013 to encourage companies to make profits from their patents by reducing the tax paid on those profits. 
  • Capital allowances; where business will pay less taxes when they buy assets such as equipment, machinery and business vehicles.

Many organizations and published reports across the world are constantly ranking the UK as a top global destination for investors with reference to many aspects, such as the foreign direct investment world investment report, and as one of the countries that have the most efficient labor markets in the world in the Global competitiveness report.


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