Malta Individual Investor Program Application Process

Malta Individual Investor Program Application Process


The Citizenship by Investment Program in Malta is comprised of three major stages in which applicants are vetted and checked thoroughly in order to be approved for the Maltese citizenship. 

1- The Residency stage:

For applicants to be approved for the Maltese citizenship, the must show effective residence in Malta for a period of 12 months prior to the acquisition of nationality, therefore, applicants will be required to apply for the E-residence permit in Malta through and with the assistance of their authorized agent. 

The agent and the police authorities will conduct tier 1 due diligence initial background checks using global open-source databases and including data verification against different databases such as the Interpol and Europol, and once approved the agent will proceed with the e-residence permit process, applicants in this stage are required to submit various forms and documents according to their nationality, and to be present in Malta for biometrics collection, and applicants who require a visa to enter the Schengen zone will have to go through normal visa application procedures. 

This stage requires applicants to provide evidence of genuine links with Malta, such as membership with clubs, enrolling in educational programs, conducting any type of business in Malta, and rental of a residential property, The E-residency card which will be issued will have a validity of eighteen months to ensure that it’s going to cover the entire period of the application. 

2- The Citizenship stage: 

Once the residency cards has been issued, applicants will be able to apply for the Maltese citizenship application through Malta Individual Investor Program Agency and the Public Registry and Passport Office, in this stage they will be required to pay the non-refundable deposit amount of 5,000 EUR, the due diligence fees (according to family members), passport fees and bank charges. Once these amounts are paid, the Agency will proceed with the rest of the due diligence process including the commissioning of 2 enhanced due diligence reports from two separate specialized service providers, also the application will be verified against risk assessment procedures, following the completion of due diligence process and Ministerial approval, letter of approval in principle will be issued, this stage will take an approximate time of 120 days. 

3- Investment and Passport Issuance: 

In this stage applicants are required to present evidence that they’re covered by a Global Health Insurance Policy, they are also required to fulfill their residency, property, and investment obligations, including the contribution amount to the National Development and Social Fund, in this stage the 3rd police clearance is commissioned by the agency to ensure the completeness and correctness of the supporting documents provided, and an invitation of Oath of Allegiance is issued, which applicants must take at the agency’s offices, afterwards the certificate of naturalization is issued, and applicants will be able to apply for Maltese ID cards and passports. 


Malta Individual Investor Program – 2018 Handbook, 3rd Edition