Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia is located in the eastern seaboard of North America, with a population of 944,943 in 2018, it is one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada, Halifax is the Capital and one of the largest cities in Nova Scotia, the province have more than 3000 lakes and hundreds of short rivers and more than 3,800 coastal islands.

The province climate is influenced by the closeness of the sea, the summer in Halifax the center part of the Atlantic Ocean reaches 19c and in January -4c, The Atlantic coastal regions is warmer in winter and cooler in the summer, and in inland areas they are generally colder.

Nova Scotia has a diverse economy that depends on services, manufacturing, mining sectors, and a highly developed agriculture sector, also the province has been recently benefited from the exploration of the offshore gas and oil as it had been increasing significantly and helped Nova Scotia Economy. Tourism is also an important sector for the province economy.

All Canadian Citizens and legal citizens who aged below 20 are entitled to have a free education in local Secondary high schools provided by the provincial government, the government of the province provides a free education from the kindergarten to grade 12, available in French and English language, and all the teachers of the province public education system are educated and well trained. Nova Scotia high secondary education offers a full range of programs through 11 universities and 13 colleges.

Under Canadian law, all provinces and territories should provide universal publicly funded health care system for all the Canadian citizens.

The average income of Nova Scotia is one of the highest compared with the other provinces; it has a low cost of living and available affordable housing. The province has a very welcoming and friendly culture; it’s a place for modern cities that support artistic communities.

The immigrants of Nova Scotia have reached 2500; the province is aiming to increase this number in the future, Nova Scotia attracts people who are looking to settle and to work in Nova Scotia, and it has developed a program to speed up their application provincial Nomination program, which provides a pathway to permanent residency, for entrepreneurs and skilled immigrants, One of the programs that Nova Scotia provide is the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for entrepreneurs potential individuals who are looking to start or acquire a company and settle parentally with at least CAD $150,000 and possess a net worth of at least CAD $600,000. The other program is for highly skilled immigrants with years of experiences.