Prince Edward Island 

Prince Edward Island 



Prince Edward is one of the smallest and the least populated provinces in Canada, it’s the home of 152,021 people, and Charlottetown is the largest city and the capital of Prince Edward Island. The province is known for its natural landscape and beautiful diversity; it contains forests and 800km of beaches.

The climate of Prince Edward is warm in summer and cold in winter, the province maximum temperature reaches in July 20c, and the minimum temperature in February as it reaches -12c.

Prince Edward’s economy depends mostly on the agriculture, fishing, tourism, high technology and manufacturing sector, 30% of potatoes grown in Prince Edward Island, the province has been witnessed a large number of visitors each year, the manufacturing sector focuses mainly on food processing. High technology is important sector especially in medical, agriculture and electronics, as for the fishing industry is the major employer in the province.

Prince Edward’s has the lowest cost of living in Canada, as there a lot of affordable houses since the province is unpopular. Prince Edward Island citizens are named islanders, it’s a place for cultural vibrant and has a unique mix of the traditional and modern culture.

In Canada all the Canadian citizens and permanent residents are entitled to have a free education from kindergarten to grade 12 through public schools, Prince Edward provides comprehensive training programs after graduations to help the students to have a new trade and to find a job. The province also provides a post-secondary education through the University of Princes Edward.

According to the Canadian law, all the Canadian provinces should provide a universal public health care for the Canadian and legal citizens, in other words, the medical services are provided with no cost, except for some procedures.

Prince Edward Island is expecting to have a large majority of population growth from the immigrants, the province is encouraging immigrants who want to live in settle in the province by providing the PEI provincial nomination program, qualified individuals with an experience and skills targeted by the province may receive a prince Edward island provincial nomination certificate, which allows the foreign nationals to apply to Canadian permanent residence. One of the province’s available program is Entrepreneur provincial nomination program in the Business impact category, the province excepts individuals who want to invest and manage a business in Prince Edward Island, by investing in an amount of CAD $150,000, there is another program which is Skilled Workers and it is for skilled and experienced individuals who wish to work and live in Prince Edward Island.