Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia has amazing beaches and breathtaking mountains and it is located in the eastern Caribbean, the capital of the island is Castries, it has a warm and hot tropical climate, dry seasons are from January to April, and rainy seasons from May to November, the official language in Saint Lucia is English and with a population of 178,844 in 2017. The island has many government and private hospitals and health centers; Education is free in primary education and has many technical colleges and a teacher-training college. Saint Lucia is a member of important organizations that include the United Nations, World Trade Organization, Caribbean community, non-alighted movements, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States and Association of Caribbean States.

Agriculture and tourism are the most important sectors in Saint Lucia economy,  Saint Lucia produce mostly fruits and vegetables and also it concentrates on the fishing industry, and on exporting manufacture’s products such as electronics and toys, Saint Lucia offers great opportunities for foreign nationals to in the industry where they can invest in hotels, villas, and luxurious resorts, as  tourism is one of the important sectors in the region.

Saint Lucia is one of the Caribbean islands that facilitate citizenship by investment program, Established in 2015, and the most recent addition of the CIP programs in the Caribbean region. It takes 3 months to obtain Saint Lucia’s passport, and the holders of Saint Lucia passport will be enjoying visa-free travel to 120 countries including the European Union, China, and Russia.

One of Saint Lucia investment option is economical investment fund the National Economical Fund is a non-refundable contribution investment program with a minimum investment should be not less than USD $100,000 for a family of four, and the second option is Real Estate Investment with a minimum investment that should be not less than USD $300,000.