Self-employed persons immigration to Canada

Self-employed persons immigration to Canada


This program is a paper-based application program which was created to allow the immigration of self-employed foreign nationals to Canada and establish themselves as permanent residents for the intention of promoting and enriching Canadian culture and sports, applicants under this program must have relevant experience in working for themselves and must have the intention and ability to make a significant contribution to the economic activities, it is important to know that there’s no minimum capital investment amount for this program, as it depends on the nature of work which will be performed.

In this program, applicants must meet the following criteria in order for to be eligible for processing by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada): 

- Applicants must have relevant experience: Applicants intending to apply under this program must have taken part in cultural activities or athletics at a world class level, or been working for themselves in cultural activities or athletics. The required experience is at least 2 years which must be within the last 5 years from applying. 

- Applicants must show their intention and ability to become self-employed in Canada.

- They must pass a pointing system which they will be assessed against, the selection criteria indicates that applicants must score 35 points at minimum (from the total of 100) when applying to this program, they will gain points based on their education, experience, age, language ability (French or English) and additional points for adaptability. 

- Applicants must meet the medical and security requirements, where all family members must undergo a medical exam which will be conducted by an authorized medical panel, and they’re required to get a police certificate to find out if they have any previous criminal record. 

Applicants intending to apply under this program must get the application package from the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada), fill the forms and get the required documentation and then submit their applications by mail to responsible Intake office for processing, the average processing time for this program is currently 22 months, after which applicants will receive the Canadian permanent residency. 


Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada – Operational Instructions for Self-Employed Persons