The most powerful passports in the world

The most powerful passports in the world


How do you know if your passport is powerful or not? The basic criterion for this classification is the number of destinations that can be accessed based on the visa-free country for every passport and also for the passport amenities for its holder.

The rank order of the passport strength varies from year to year. According to (IATA) visa authority reports, the Japanese passport is the most powerful passport in the world of the year 2019, and it gives the right to its holder to travel without a visa to 190 destinations around the world.

As for Singapore’s and North Korea passport ranked the second, however, North Korea was in the third place in 2018, passport holders of both countries can enter 189 countries without a visa.

While France and Germany remained in the third place since 2018, though Germany had the world’s most powerful passport in 2017, their passports allow you to enter 187 destinations around the world with a visa-free entry.

 Denmark, Finland, Italy, and Sweden remain fourth since 2018. Luxembourg and Spain took the fifth place, and Austria, Portugal, the United States, Norway, the Netherlands, and the United States fell in sixth place after being ranked the fifth in 2018. Switzerland rose to sixth place in 2019, 2018.

China ranked 69th, with 14 places advancing since the beginning of 2019. Turkey advanced from 46th position with only 52 destinations in 2006 to 52nd with 111 destinations.

Global Passport Ranking:

  1. Japan: 190
  2. Singapore and North Korea: 189
  3. Germany and France: 187
  4. Denmark, Finland, Italy, and Sweden: 186
  5. Luxembourg and Spain: 185
  6. Austria, Portugal, United States, Norway, Netherlands, United States, Switzerland: 184
  7. Georgia, Canada, Greece, and Ireland: 183
  8. Czech Republic: 182
  9. Malta: 181
  10. Australia, Iceland, and New Zealand: 180

The world's least powerful passport: Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.