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Interesting Facts about the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is located off the southwest coast of the mainland in Europe, with a population of 66.85 million people; it is a unique country that made up of four nations: England, Wales, Scotland and the northern portion of the island in Ireland. The capital is London, which is among the world’s leading commercial, cultural and financial centers. The United Kingdom has made a significant contribution to the world economy, especially in technology and industry. The greatest Britain exports have been the English language, which is now spoken in every corner of the world. The United Kingdom uses the pound sterling as its official currency through the whole country.  The UK is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and a founding member of NATO and the Commonwealth. The UK takes a global stance in foreign policy.

About 5000 years ago the center of the United Kingdom was filled with thick forests and thousand years ago these woodlands were cleared by ancient farmers, today about 10% the land is forest, the United Kingdom has a variety of landscapes and a range of habitats for its animals and plants life.

The United Kingdom is the 6th largest national economy in the world measured by nominal domestic  product, the service sector dominates, contributing about 80% of (GDP), one of the most important sectors is also the financial service industry and London is one of the largest financial sectors in the world, and Britain aerospace industry is the second largest industry in aerospace, and its pharmaceutical  industry is the 10th largest industries in the world plays an important role in the industry, and many other important industries such as (agriculture, fishing, energy, resources and power, and minerals)

Primary education in the United Kingdom is free and compulsory from the age of 5 to 11 years old, and secondary education is organized in a variety of ways for children aged from 11 to 19 years old and its free and compulsory to age 16, secondary schools in the united kingdom are comprehensive which means students can leave schools at the age of 16 to earn a certificate or to take examinations that qualify for higher education. Higher education in the United Kingdom have been independent and self-governing, there are 106 universities in England and 5 university colleges out of a total of around 130 in the United Kingdom.

The National Health Service in the United Kingdom provides comprehensive health care throughout the United Kingdom; it provides medical care through a tripartite structure of primary care, hospitals, and medical centers. The main element in primary care is the system of general practitioners (family doctor), all the consultations with general practitioners under the NHS are free.

Sports and literature are among the United Kingdom's cultural claims to fame. Soccer, rugby, cricket, boxing, and golf were all invented in Britain. And the U.K. has produced many great writers, including William Shakespeare and more.

The United Kingdom workforce, strong economy, high-quality medical care sector and it’s one of the most powerful countries in the world, makes the country an attractive place for foreigner’s investors, and for people around the world to seek the United Kingdom citizenship.


If you are interested in living and working in The United Kingdom,  there are several ways that make it easier for you to gain its citizenship for you and your family  and one of these options is citizenship by investment which contains more than one option, whether the main applicant will invest in a government contribution option or in a business establishment option one of these programs are UK tier 1 investor option, and it’s for individuals with a high net worth who are interested in investing in the UK with an investment in bonds, loan or share in active and trading UK companies with an investment amount of £2 million sterling pound.

The second option is Tier 1 Entrepreneur program is for entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing a new business with a minimum investment amount of £200,000 Entrepreneurs can establish their business either exclusively or in partnership, through an entrepreneurial team, which can be formed of maximum 2 people; It is required that both members of the team must have access to the 200,000 pounds sterling.

Another option that can give you citizenship by investment is the Sole Representative Program and it was created for senior managers within a company willing to establish a branch/ subsidiary.

in return the investor will get a UK temporary residency and for his spouse and his children below 18 years old, this residency will last for 3 years and 4 months and applicants can apply to extend this residency a further for 2 years by investment and after 5 years the applicant will get UK citizenship if the requirements are fulfilled.