Ontario Business Stream changes to the benefit of Entrepreneurs

Ontario Business Stream changes to the benefit of Entrepreneurs


Ontario’s Government has implemented changes to the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, Business Stream. The program offers entrepreneurs a chance to establish a business within Ontario which grants them both a right of residency as well as unlimited access to one of the world’s best markets.

The adjustments mainly effect the investment requirement, as businesses within the Greater Toronto Area now require an investment amount of 600,000$ CAD instead of One Million Canadian dollars, a decrease of 40%. 

Investment requirements for businesses in the ICT sectors regardless of location or any businesses outside the Greater Toronto Area have been reduced from 500,000$ CAD to 200,000$ CAD, a decrease of 40% as well. 

These changes have made it more feasible for both experienced entrepreneurs and innovative senior managers to apply and become Canadian Residents in Ontario. For more info about the matter and a free assessment by a qualified immigration consultant contact us