Third Most Popular Golden Visa Program

Third Most Popular Golden Visa Program


Greece Golden Visa attracted more than 600 investors in the first half of 2019, reaching a total number of 4,537 issued visas for main applicants and 8,774 for their families since the establishment of the Greece Golden Visa program. 

After it was introduced in 2013, the number of issued visas was only 31, however, in the course of 6 years, this number multiplied by 100 times in 2018 reaching 3,620 issued visas, making it the third most popular Golden Visa program in Europe, in the same year the most issued Golden Visas went to the Chinese with a percentage of 61%, whereas the number of issued visas for the MENA region accumulated for 10% of the entire Greece Golden visas issued.

Greece Golden Visa is a Real Estate investment program, that grants the applicants the right to residency in Greece for five years. You can apply for the Greece Golden Visa program through Reach Immigration, contact us to know more about this program.