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Spain is known for its beautiful lakes, mountains, volcanoes, marshes, forests, valleys, cliffs, and more. The diversity of Spain's landscapes will never cease to amaze you. Take a break from the daily grind, breathe deeply, and cast all your cares aside. Spain is located in southwestern Europe and is a convenient location to attract investors from around the world. The international interest in Spanish property is still high both for those who want to stay in a new place or for those looking for holiday homes, one of every five homes being purchased are by a foreigner. Spain has a real estate investment program through which it can obtain Spanish citizenship through the programs known as the golden visa, which allows the investor to progress to migrate to Spain through real estate investment and is to buy or own a property at least 500,000 euros, where real estate investment is an integral part of the state economy.

Spain Migration Programs

Investment Migration

Whether you are looking for a direct citizenship or a residency leading to citizenship, we offer you a wide range of investment opportunities that will satisfy your needs.